ASB Election Day augments schedule for voting

Next year’s candidates give speeches, administrators warnings

Althea Billings and Tess Harstrick, Opinions Editor and Staff Reporter
Originally published April 10, 2014

Sophomore Philip Coleman gives his speech for Junior class president

Sophomore Philip Coleman gives his speech for Junior class president

Students of every grade received warnings of the spring dress code, and encouragement for the quarter ahead. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors all gathered separately to listen to next year’s ASB candidate’s speeches as well as vote.

ASB elections for the coming school year were held April 8, directly after second period, causing a reduction in class time. Candidates gave speeches regarding their goals and plans, while administration reminded students of school policies that would not subside with the clouds.

Principal Keven Wynkoop restated the schools policy on skirt length, as well as the two inch midriff rule. He also reminded students, particularly males, that drug and alcohol representation on one’s clothing is not permitted within school. “You have nine weeks left. Finish strong,” Counselor Julie Chapman said.

Wynkoop also emphasized the importance of class elections. “It does have an impact on you, who sits in these seats,” Wynkoop said.

Running for Junior Vice President were sophomores Bitty Sauvage and Max Nelson. “I consider each and everyone of you in my wolf pack,” Sauvage said to the sophomore class, stating that the sophomore class has her back and she has theirs.

All ASB candidates emphasized their new ideas for ramping up inclusion and involvement within the student body in their campaigns, and these trends continued with sophomore Isabelle Keller, running for Junior Class President, as well as her opponent, Philip Coleman. “All the people in this class need to come together as a whole,” Keller said in her speech.

With the new crop of student body representatives came new ideas. Among the suggested were corporate sponsorship, suggestion boxes, and spirit week homework exemptions. “I really want to hear what you guys have to say,” ASB Secretary-Elect Ivy Watkins said.

“I want to, I can, and I will,” Nelson said.