Senior Assassin 2023: behind the scenes

Anonymous organizer discusses the inner workings of this years highly anticipated game


Emma Steinburg

Participants will stand outside of houses, cars or workplaces, waiting for their targets.

Matea Hart, Staff Reporter

Each year a senior assassin game is hosted for the senior class and is unaffiliated with the school. An anonymous organizer behind the game was interviewed to talk about the event this year, which started on April 3.

The anonymous source went over the process in organizing the game, which included matching seniors with their targets over the week leading up to the start of senior assassin. 

“First, I created a Venmo so people could enter and had people follow the Instagram account,” the organizer said. “Once people signed up, I added them to an excel sheet and made sure to follow them and DM them confirmation so it’s easier to contact them farther into the game. Then I made a deadline for sign ups and at that time I shuffled the excel sheet and gave everyone their target.”

When asked what they liked about the traditions of the game, the organizer mentioned creating connections between the senior class, a fun way to end the last year of high school.

“I think it’s a fun time to connect many seniors,” they said. “By the time you’re a senior you know most people but not [everyone],so once you get a target you don’t know you get the chance to get to know them. That might include creepily stalking their house but still you get to get to know more people in your grade.”

The organizer went on to agree that the game should continue to be hosted for seniors in future years. 

“Yes, I love the game,” they said. “ It’s something to look forward to in your senior year and high school experience and in the spring it’s a good time to get out and get to know others.”