From sketchy to delicious

Two students concoct business venture to sell pasta


Isabel Baraff

Pasta Van co-founder Dexter Czark (left) passes out pasta to junior Marley Williams (right).

Xander Howarth, Staff Reporter

Would you eat pasta from a van? Many at school have been newly adamant in saying yes, all because of two students. Dexter Czark and David Palmieri are co-conspirators in the “Pasta Van,” a van that serves, you guessed it, pasta every first Monday at the tennis courts outside the school. 

While this may seem like a suspicious enterprise run by two teenage boys, it actually is quite wholesome. Two months ago, Dexter Czark and David Palmieri, juniors, first took inspiration from “Breaking Bad,” a popular show watched by most Ballard High School students. 

“We just started watching ‘Breaking Bad,’ and they make meth out of their van. So, we thought, why not make something ourselves? And, of course, pasta came up,” Czark said.  

While their inspiration may not be from the most reputable source, they have run with the idea in a more floury way, getting food handlers’ license so they could legally sell the pasta. From selling spaghetti and bow tie pasta, Pasta Van’s $5 bowls can be topped with pesto, cheese and marinara sauce. 

The most common question asked is, “Why pasta?” Well, to Czark and Palmieri, the answer was obvious.

“Pasta was on my mind. It was an easy thing we could do to bring to school,” Czark said.

On the other hand, his partner had a more pragmatic answer. 

“We could just boil water and sell it,” Palmieri said. “Actually, last year, we sold popsicles and ice cream at the end of the year, but there was not as much buzz as pasta.” 

That is what draws people in, the question of “what is a pasta van?” As students flock towards the van, they are greeted with a multitude of pasta options, cookies and even merchandise.

This merchandise is a concept crafted by the two for one cause “We thought it would be incredibly goofy to see people walking around school with a weird pasta shirt.” Czark said. And while no has donned the pasta shirt, there may be an influx after their last sales. 

While people may see this as a way for two teenage boys to make some money, it’s more about having fun, to Czark and Palmieri.

“The main goal of this is for the vibes,” Czark said. “But the money is good. ” 

Nothing has a more interesting vibe than two high schoolers running their own business not for the money, but just because it’s fun. A plotline straight out of a sitcom. 

To add to the excitement, Czark and Palmieri have an interesting proposition they wanted to share with the school. 

“We’re actually looking for a third [partner],” Palmieri said. 

You read that right. The pasta duo could morph into a pasta trio. If you are interested, message @pasta_van on Instagram for more information.