Man attempts to spark political chaos

Cesar Sayoc Jr, 56, sent explosives to multiple high profile democrats

Ermias Hagos, Staff Reporter
Originally published January 16, 2019

Fletcher Anderson

Fletcher Anderson

Since the election of President Donald J. Trump to office, the political climate in the United States has been hectic. Political protests all around the country calling for the impeachment of Trump and in response the president has called out the media multiple times during his rallies. But on October 22, an employee of Billionaire George Soros noticed an explosive-looking object in the mailbox and quickly notified police. This would only be the start of a massive crackdown on explosives sent to high profile democrats.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, would be apprehended and identified as the bomb suspect who had intentions of killing multiple high profile democrats. Including Barack and Michelle Obama, Democrat donor George Soros and the Clinton’s. It would soon be known that he was a huge President Donald Trump supporter after videos of him at one of Trump’s rallies surfaced. But what have people, specifically political and history teachers thought about this whole incident? A.P History teacher Jack Thompson was surprised that something like this didn’t happen earlier.

“As soon as i heard that this was a Trump devotee, shows up to a lot of these Trump events and has a van that’s converted with trump stuff, this is kind of amazing that has taken this long for this to happen,” Thompson said.

While the secret service were able to intercept the explosives before they could have done any sort of damage, the possible implications for what could have happened if the bombs were detonated could be endless.

“It would’ve been of course a massive human tragedy, but i also think that the way that both him and the guy who attacked the jewish synagogue, immediately many people pointed out that these people were incited to some degree by trump’s language,” Thompson said.

The fact that Sayoc was a trump supporter and someone who hated democrats does explain his motives for attempting to kill these democrats. This past Thursday, as Sayoc stood in front of a judge he pleaded not guilty to charges that he used weapons of mass destruction in his plan to kill the democrats. If found guilty he could be sentenced to life in prison. U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff has scheduled a trial for July 15, 2019.

“We should be denouncing the kind of violent talk that is coming out of the presidency. We should be pointing out that this is what that does, it encourages these actions and breaks.”