Ranking SPS mascots

Worst to best: ranking metro league team mascots

Josie Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter

To start us off strong, or not so much, we have the Franklin Quakers. I’m sorry but everytime I hear about the Quakers, I immediately think of the oats. I’m just not sure that’s what you want people picturing when talking about the school they’re about to compete against.

Next, Roosevelt Rough Riders. Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad, but I feel like there’s more potential there for maybe the Ravens or even the Rhinos. Overall, it could be so much worse but could also use some improvement. 

Third to last, we have our wonderful Ballard Beavers. I know, I know. I should be more supportive of my home team, however, beavers just don’t seem like a very strong mascot. Yes, Bucky is wonderful and has immense spirit, but a beaver just doesn’t have that mascot umph that I’m looking for. 

Coming in at fourth place, the Seahawks. I’m not really sure what Chief Sealth had in mind here, but we all know it’s not very original. Granted, they do have a very good role model to follow and a pleasant connotation with the name, but seriously, where’s the creativity?

Just to stir the pot a little bit, I’d like to give the very average spot of fifth place to BOTH the Wildcats and the Bulldogs. Nothing against these schools, but these mascots could have been pulled out of any number of coming of age sitcoms, books, or movies. 

Subsequently, I present to you the Lincoln Lynx. Personally, I love lynx as I’m sure any sane person does. However, it’s still not really a strong mascot in my book. Not to mention it’s kind of like a subcategory to the wildcats, which are too similar for my taste. 

Surprise! Another tie; the Cleveland Eagles and Rainier Beach Vikings. I think that these are equally decent mascots and give a good enough image for the school. Both strong subjects and there’s not anything wrong with either. Sure, they aren’t super exciting, and they aren’t the best of the best, but overall, not too shabby. 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… runner up. Congrats to our rival, the Ingraham Rams. I’d like to offer my formal apology for this, it’s not my fault that our closest nemesis happens to have one of the best mascots in our league. 

And this brings us to the best mascot (in my opinion), let’s not forget the Nathan Hale Raiders. I’m not sure what it is about the raiders but I like that it’s pretty original for school representation, and it’s not just a random animal with alliteration to the name of the school. 

I’d like to remind you all that these are simply my opinions and have absolutely nothing to do with each school themselves, just who’s representing them. I’d love to hear others opinions on such a subject and am curious what my peers would have to say.