How to Study for your AP test:

The real step by step procedure practiced by most students


Tansy Velush

For months before the test, students devote themselves to their studies.

Xander Howarth and Olivia Schaer

What I do to study!

It’s a month before the big AP test and I’m so excited! Here’s what I do to stay prepared. 

  1. First off, I pull out my color coded Cornell notes. They’re extremely detailed and have even been used as the example for my other peers because of course! Highly recommend Cornell notes, they just help me organize my thoughts and notes in such a creative and helpful way.
  2. After I pull my notes out, I of course get out my seven packs of index cards, which I spend an hour inscribing all the important information I can onto. I know some people use Quizlet or another app to remember their important terms, but I personally remember them more when writing them.
  3. Once I have my finished flashcards, I then study a small chunk of each of the units covered. I fully put my time into the sections that I struggle with(which is rare), but would highly recommend!
  4. I do this for about two hours before guzzling water and going to sleep before 9:00. I love having a schedule!
  5. I do this over and over and over til it’s the night of the test. I’m extremely prepared, like, so prepared.
  6.  So I make sure to journal, exercise and drink as much water as possible before going to bed before 8:00. I journal about how I’m feeling and I take an hour-long jog and I drink a gallon of water!
  7. The next morning I eat two slices of avocado toast with a protein-packed smoothie. A full stomach means a full mind.
  8.  I don’t drink caffeine of any sort. Don’t drink caffeine guys! Just get good sleep!
  9. I took the test and I did great and amazing and I got a sticker for my hard work! The sticker is a gold star.
  10. Because that shiny A is so worth it! So worth it!
  11. Because at the end of the day, I put everything into getting that perfect 5! Everything.

What do I do now?

It’s four days before the big AP test. Here is a list of how I must buckle down and prepare.

  1. The truth is, I haven’t even been keeping up with the assigned reading since the start of the third quarter.
  2. Since most of the work we’ve been doing is non-deliverable, I just cannot find the motivation to keep up.
  3. My teacher is not helping me improve, they continually give me a low score on the work that I do turn in and I am so confused on what limits they are grading my assignments.
  4. I have known about the date of this test since September, but haven’t even looked inside my textbook out of fear for how behind I’ll be.
  5. So tonight I’ll go home, sit in my bed hunched over, reading a large portion of text that I have little to no interest in.
  6. Maybe I’ll even do a couple of practice MCQs.
  7. I woke up, eyes swollen from lack of sleep, and drudge down the stairs in search of a microwave burrito or month-old Kind bar.
  8. After arriving at the Ox gym ten minutes before the test is about to start, I realize that I am about to sit in a small seat in a cold gym for four hours.
  9. This is my chance to leave, skip the test entirely, but I don’t, of course.
  10. I just wanted to push myself by taking these classes, but I feel totally and completely stuck.