Winter Ball: Ballard’s Night at the Museum


Daphne Knox

Students milled around the museum, dancing, talking, and admiring the fine art.

Alina Zahn, Staff Reporter

Ticket sales began for Winter Ball on Jan. 19, and the Activity Center was filled with eager students from all grades excited to attend. Most of the students, besides the 2023 senior class, hadn’t been able to have the Winter Ball experience yet, which made this event even more captivating.The excitement of Winter Ball spread throughout the school so much so that BHS’s devoted ASB team had to order 100 more tickets in order to meet the needs of all the students that wanted to have their night at the museum. On Feb.10 at 8 p.m., the Seattle Art Museum’s (SAM) doors opened. At first the line was around the block of the museum but very quickly everyone filled in. 

Walking through the doors of the museum you were greeted by some of the favorite school volunteers.  There was also a separate line where you had the luxury of checking in your coat instead of throwing it into a pile like there was at Ballard’s Homecoming this past October.

Ascending the stairs, a vibrant dance floor with flashing lights was the center entertainment of the night. With a large dance floor and tall windows allowing the room to feel dark but bright at the same time, it was incredible. For me though, the areas I gravitated to most were the art exhibits.  

As you made your way up the escalator you were faced with endless rooms of eye-catching art. From the Asian exhibits to modern contemporary pieces, the SAM  had it all for students. The ongoing rooms therefore led to great photo opportunities. Students from all grades took advantage of the art galleries and were able to capture the fun of the night through photos in the exhibits.

From strolling through the art exhibits to dancing the night away on the dance floor, our Winter Ball was inviting to everyone. It was inclusive towards everyone’s needs and created a night that every student will have amazing memories from. At 11 p.m. the doors closed, but not before every student got plenty of dancing, created new memories and got to check the box off an important high school experience. The 2023 Winter Ball was the best.