America’s favorite elf and Deadpool band together to make a not so kid-friendly holiday movie


Josie Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter

If you were a fan of the movie “Elf” as a kid, you might be into this new holiday delight. Starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, you’re essentially guaranteed a laugh. It starts out pretty light-hearted, or as much as it can be, being based on “A Christmas Carol.” When Will Ferrell broke out in song and dance, the world was changed forever. 

The talented back up dancers really brought it all together. Seeing two middle aged men tap dance was the cherry on top. Although it’s not necessarily appropriate for ages 13 and under, it’s a great family watch. The special effects and CGI were incredibly realistic and played a huge part throughout the entire movie. 

My favorite scene from the movie was about half way through. It only lasts a little longer than five minutes but has been playing in the back of my mind since watching it back in December. A whole song and dance dedicated to an old-timer curse word? Yes please! 

It’s appropriate enough to watch with your parents but humorous enough to enjoy with friends at the same time: the perfect balance. It’s the kind of movie I could watch more than once over the course of the holiday season and laugh with every time. Although the holidays are technically over, I would highly recommend watching before the cold season ends, or adding it to your list for next year.