Exploring influences of clothing style among students

The junior class uses fashion as a form of self expression


Josie Fitzpatrick

Junior Ella Delaney’s style is influenced by Korean street style, along with her hobby of thrifting.

Olivia Shaer, Staff Reporter

The minds of students are impressionable, meaning that they look to one another for inspiration, whether it’s for academics, things to read and watch, or personal style. The opinions of two juniors provide a window into things like the construction of personal style and where to search for inspiration in the world around us.

Junior Naomi Hammer, who is interested in filmmaking, outdoor adventures, tutoring fellow students, and Fiona Apple, represents an aesthetic reflected by her interests and not commonly seen in the hallways of Ballard.

“I love using Pinterest, but not for inspiration, Hammer said. “I think Pinterest does a really good job at pinpointing what is me, rather than what I need to buy.” 

Instead, Hammer gets inspiration from other sources.

“I do enjoy looking at physical inspiration like photos from the 90s and early 2000s,” Hammer said. “I also gravitate towards National Geographic because it’s just people living their lives more than people modeling things for sale.” 

Hammer also described the achievability of her wardrobe, mentioning several places she buys clothing from.

“I usually shop at Goodwill or the Goodwill bins, but occasionally go to Red Light and other consignment stores,” Hammer said. “I definitely prefer thrift stores, simply because I like to see lots of different things instead of a limited selection.” 

Hammer stood up to reveal her fit and flare “Bubble gum” jeans with floral embroidery lining both pockets.

“These pants are actually from Red Light, and I love them, but they were pricey,” Hammer said. “I think that people have a misconception about my style because I don’t actually own that many clothes.” 

Hammer concluded by expressing the true root of her current taste. 

“A large part of my style comes from the way that my mom dressed around me when I was younger, both because I like her taste but also because it brings me comfort and nostalgia,” Hammer said. 

Junior Ella Delaney, who is interested in visual arts and dance, represents a more commonly loved and appreciated form of style expression. Some of her everyday looks include black and white loose and fitted pieces, mod eye makeup, and leg warmers.

“Currently my biggest style influence is K-style (Korean street style), which I view through Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok,” Delaney said.

Delaney knows the value of sporting her personal style on a daily basis.