10 gifts under 10 dollars


Matea Hart

spice up your gift giving this holiday season with this cheap and easy gift guide! Find that perfect something for anyone that happens to be in your life.

Alexa Terry, A&E Editor

A good pack of pens 

The time has come; the pens that students brought to the school year, bright-eyed and ready to learn have been lost. Whether kicked under desks, never to be seen again or written with until the ink creates a crusty, inconsistent line, they are long gone. Students will have no choice but to fall to their knees in gratitude if they are gifted a fresh new pack of their favorite pens. 

A pair of wool socks 

If there is one thing that is universally hated, it’s cold feet. I don’t mean running out on a fiance, I mean the full-body chill that is elicited when the Seattle rain creeps its way through canvas sneakers, soaking into cheap, thin, cotton socks. Save your friends from this horrific experience. Get them a pair of wool socks. 

A mini candle 

We all know that high school brings a lot of unpleasant things into our lives, don’t make tragic odors one of them. Allow your friends to light up a candle and give them the gift of pretending their life smells of flowers and sandalwood rather than rotting dishes and BO. 

A scrunchie 

HAIR! One of the human body’s wonders, most people have it, yet few know how to make it look halfway decent. Gift a scrunchie and save your friend the embarrassment of drowning in their own mane. 

A Hotwheels car 

Let’s face it, we high schoolers are growing up. We no longer see the kids at our local high school and gaze in awe at their maturity and coolness. However, just because our age is increasing, we don’t have to lose all of the childlike wonders we used to experience. When you gift a Hotwheel, you’re not just gifting a little car, you’re gifting the joy of being a naïve child without a worry in the world. Who wouldn’t want that?

A pack of gum 

You smell bad. Your friends smell bad. Fix it. 

A really cool rock

I know what you’re thinking. ‘I would rather gift a dead insect than a rock!’ Allow me to change your mind while staying under my designated word count. Everyone feels lonely, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is the only gift on this list that I would consider a friend. Every rock is unique, they contain personality and spunk. When you’re giving a rock, you’re not giving something you can buy at the store, you’re giving a piece of yourself. Bonus points if it’s adorned with crafty details.

A deck of cards

Everyone knows it, there is no better icebreaker than pulling out the “anyone up for a game of go fish?” This holiday season, give your friends the gift of always having an avenue to form new bonds, give them a deck of cards. 


Reject modernity, the sleek look of our current age is bland and uninspired. Give stickers and watch your friends’ quality of life immediately skyrocket. They’ll no longer look at their laptop and feel the dread of living in an era where the constant development of technology is valued above the health of our planet. Instead they’ll think of the fun pictures you have given them to adorn their Mac. Stickers work as more than decor, they are a distraction from the capitalist hellscape that plagues our modern age. 

A friendship bracelet

Nothing is a more classic demonstration of platonic affection than a well-crafted friendship bracelet. With countless ways to customize it, this is a gift that can be adjusted for every type of friend you may have. From the theater kids to the jocks, everyone loves these stringy joys.