Newest Freshman Ambassadors

Three students run unopposed with different goals for the school


Emma Steinburg

Freshman Sabi Yoon givers her speech about why freshmen students should vote to help improve school diversity.

Xander Howarth, Staff Reporter

Three freshman students become ambassadors, filling what were empty positions, and speak on what they’d like to do to help change BHS. 

On Oct. 28, three new freshmen were elected to be the freshman class ambassadors. Each grade level has three ambassadors who bring spirit and pep to their grade level, and the freshmen are no different. 

This year, only three people are running for a position that allots three spots. This raises interesting questions about the new candidates.

Enter Freshmen Ruby James Madden, Sabi Yoon and Mae Piercy, 2022-2023 freshman ambassadors: all competent students who spoke on Oct. 27, a day before they were elected. Each candidate had different thoughts on how they felt about running unopposed.

“I was actually kind of nervous. Even though I know I’m going to become a freshman ambassador, I still have a little bit of anxiety in front of people,” Yoon said.

On the other hand, the lack of competition made some students more comfortable.

“I say it’s pretty nice because I don’t have to stress about it as much, and it wasn’t as bad doing my speech knowing that I will get a spot no matter what,” Piercy said. 

Madden agreed with Piercy, emphasizing how running uncontested was a less nerve-wracking process.

“It definitely takes a lot of the pressure off while keeping the good parts. I love public speaking,” Madden said. 

While it may be nice running without opposition, that is not why these three students ran; they all want to contribute to the school.

In their speeches, each highlighted why and how they would help the school.

“I would like to help get everyone involved in the school in ways they’ve enjoyed, …  through sports, clubs, the library, performing arts projects and even community service projects,” Madden said. 

Piercy also agreed; school spirit and performance are her main priority. 

“We need to get people to come to sports events because, no matter what, you should come to support the school and just participate in school spirit,” Piercy said. 

Yoon’s main goal is less about school spirit and more focused on diversification. 

“I want to improve the school’s diversity,” Yoon said. “Hamilton [International Middle School] had a really big diversity campaign, and I don’t really see a lot of that at Ballard.” 

There are great goals from all of the candidates, goals students at BHS hope these Ambassadors will capitalize on. The freshman ambassadors will have a chance to fulfill their promises at the next Student Senate meeting.