An interesting insight to your teachers’ favorite pens


Jill Sousley

Teachers were interviewed on their favorite pens. Their choices reflect their personality and teaching style.

Jill Sousley, Staff Reporter

Your favorite pen says a lot about you.  Teachers were interviewed  about what type of pen they prefer. There is much variety in the pens chosen.

Joe Schmidt, a math teacher at Ballard High reveals that his favorite pen is Bic Roller pen, specifically in red. He likes it because of its smoothness, how cheap it is, and how many you can buy at once.

“Red is my symbol of authority,” Schmidt said.  

Schmidt discloses a second favorite pen as well, the Montblanc. Montblanc was founded in 1906 in Berlin, Germany. The company produces pens as well as other luxury goods like bags and watches. Montblanc makes many types of pens including fountain pens, and each pen is carefully crafted to a point where you can tell if one is real or fake by looking at the hue of the pen. 

According to Schmidt, a company he worked for previously gifted it to him, and he hasn’t used it since. He likes the look, the weight, and the status of the pen.

Ceramics teacher Scott Cachopo’s favorite pen is also the Montblanc because his mother gave him the pen when he went to college, giving it a sentimental value.

On the contrary, Viola Spencer states that her favorite type of pens are the Papermate Flair pens. She enjoys buying the big pack because she loves the variety in colors. However, she doesn’t like to write in yellow, orange, or pink pen because she has difficulty reading them. 

Teachers’ favorite pens reflect their personality and style of teaching. Their picks vary from cheap Bic pens to Mont Blanc. However, whatever pens the teachers chose, they have good supporting reasons why, and maybe even a personal connection.