Top three nutritional lunch spots near you

The best food options for longer lunches

Alina Zahn, Staff Reporter

The neighborhood of Ballard has so many great food options, giving students plenty to choose from. Recently, with the additional 30 minutes added to lunch this school year, students are given even more time to walk or drive to some of their favorite restaurants. However, we all have those days where we just don’t know where to go for lunch, especially when many options around school are fast food places like Wendys, Mcdonalds, or Taco Bell. On days when I feel stumped, I usually turn to my three go-to nutritious food places: Un Bien, Town & Country Market, and Verve Bowls.
Un Bien, a Caribbean sandwich restaurant, is the perfect place to go for lunch. The restaurant is approximately a 3-minute drive or a 9-minute walk from Ballard, which gives you plenty of time to eat lunch there or take your meal back to school. Un Bien has a wide range of sandwich options, including some vegetarian options. As a vegetarian myself many sandwich shops can’t accomodate my dietary needs so Un Bien being able to offer vegetarian options is extremely appealing.
The prices of their sandwiches typically range from $11 to $13, which makes this place a bit more pricey. It’s not the cheapest option, for those looking to save money, but provides a filling and delicious lunch.
The atmosphere of this restaurant is also very refreshing. The small building is predominantly bubble-gum pink and teal, which is so memorable. There are many tables where you and your friends can sit and enjoy your one-of-a-kind sandwich. Un Bien is the utmost quaint and perfect lunch spot to try.
Town & Country, which used to be called “Ballard Market’’ is what I believe to be the best lunch spot near school. Town & Country has been a part of the Ballard community since 1986, making it a fresh foods shopping staple in our Ballard community. Along with this store selling many fresh and nutritious foods, they have a wide variety of take-away options.
Town & Country is a 3-minute drive and a longer but doable walk of 10-15 minutes, making it a superb spot for lunch. This store has a hot food bar which provides many different foods. From their mac n cheese to organic cooked vegetables, it has it all. They also have a salad bar and many options of delicious soups, which are perfect for the many grey rainy Seattle days to come.
This store also has a fantastic sushi bar with fresh handmade sushi every day which is my favorite thing about Town & Country. This market provides you with a wide range of fresh options, varying in price, which is extremely helpful. There are also places to sit and enjoy your lunch in the store. Town & Country is a great place to find so many options for lunch. You could go there every day of the week and still be able to get different meals that are customized to your every craving.
The adorable Verve Bowls is a convenient lunch spot that provides an aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Since it is a 20-minute walk from school, driving is the only option. The 3-minute drive provides you with plenty of time to sit and enjoy your lunch on the restaurant’s comfortable chairs and couches.
The menu is delightful and unique. The main draw to Verve are the delicious acai bowls made to order. Their menu provides a wide variety of several kinds of fruits and vegetables that are blended into your bowl, with toppings of your choosing. The coconut flakes and agave sauce are a must try on your bowl.
The price of each bowl depends on the size you choose, but a bowl is usually around $12 to $13. This is rather pricey, but it provides you with a refreshing lunch. In my opinion, Verve is a top spot to try for lunch, because it provides a tasteful and satisfactory experience.
Un Bien,Town & Country, and Verve Bowls are all excellent nutritious lunch options, providing students with a unique and extensive selection. These restaurants are all bound to be included in the regular rotation of places students go to for lunch.