Fall sports season in review

A full overview of fall sports’ first seasons back after previous year’s pandemic restrictions

Originally published on November 9, 2021 by Jemma Sanderson (Sports Editor)

Girls Soccer

The girls soccer team concluded their season with a 6-4-1 league record, starting the season with a 5-0-0 win streak.

Sophomore Reese Carlisle says that she believes the season’s success partially stemmed from the way the team was able to bond over the past few months in a way they were not able to during the previous season.

 “I think there’s better team chemistry, not because the people are necessarily nicer or better than last year, but just because we’ve been able to talk to each other more with less COVID restrictions,” Carlisle said. “We know each other better and are able to play better.”

Senior Captain Ani Haug echoes Carlisle, saying that the team’s unity drove them forward throughout the season, and led them to the Metro League playoffs this month.


This season, the football team worked hard to overcome the challenge of losing a large number of the Seniors who led the team in the previous season. This loss caused the team to adapt to a younger group of players, which fostered both potential and the possibility of inexperience.

Despite this, members of the team say that attitudes remained positive, even through tough losses.

“I came to Ballard last year. And right when I came here it was a very welcoming, and inclusive team. I felt at home with the players and coaches. community, there was a great sense of community,” junior Alex Good said. “ Yeah, I mean, it just felt right.”

Senior captain Sam Crocker says that the atmosphere of the team has been that of a family, and that this ideal plays a central role in the chemistry of the team.

“The coaches emphasize us being like a family. And we always got each other’s backs and stuff. So things are super, like, well built programs because everyone’s really close to each other,” Crocker said.

Girls Swim

The girls swim team had to adapt to conditions that contrasted from other years, as they remained following COVID restrictions and had to continue their season despite the Ballard Pool being remodeled.

Because of this, the team had to travel further for practices, and many swimmers had yet to swim since the previous season because of the pool closure.

Additionally, the continuing of COVID-19 mandates made it so that no audience members were allowed to attend meets, including parents and swimmers were required to wear their masks at all times unless in the water.

Senior captain Maragaret Sharpe-Milgrom says that the team has had to improvise when cheering on their swimmers during competitions.

“We were trying not to yell because it wasn’t allowed due to COVID, so we had these plastic hands that we would shake back and forth and they were

kind of fun,” Sharpe-Milgrom said.

Even though spectators were not allowed, the team was still very supportive of one another, and continued to lift each other up despite facing restrictions.

“It’s a really good team environment. All the girls are really fun to swim with and very encouraging, which makes competitions and practices a lot more enjoyable,” Sharp-Milgrom said.


This year, the golf team focused on improving after struggling during last year’s season, managing to pull through and play a full season this year.

 “Everyone is getting to play a lot more, especially the girls, which is really nice,” junior Willa Khun said.

Khun has been playing on the team since her freshman year. She says that she felt a connection with the team, especially after a year in the pandemic.

“I feel like, it’s a lot easier for everyone to get close this year, because we all have like, kind of like relative trauma,” Khun said.

The team wasn’t a competitive one, and focused on improving and on making each play better than the last. Kuhn says that wins and losses didn’t have much of an effect on the team.

 “Really this year is about forward expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing the team grow,” coach Scott Cachopo said.

Cross Country

The cross country team finished the season falling just short of qualifying for the state championships, but the captains say this year’s season was characterized by changes in the team’s routes.

The largest challenge the team had to overcome was adapting to a new home course. Home meets previously took place at Lower Woodland, but due to increased levels of homelessness in the wake of the pandemic, the course was closed to teams and Ballard’s home course was moved to Magnuson Park.

“I really like running at Lower Woodland because it’s our home course,” senior Captain Cecile Turner said, “but I enjoy running on the Magnuson course as well.”

Despite having to quickly adapt to the course, members of the team say that they were mainly focused on looking forward to running again after their previous season was cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“I just love to be back, and want to work hard and continue to push myself to get better,” senior captain Jill Philbin said.


The volleyball team saw younger players step to leadership positions as the number of seniors on the team dwindled this season.

Junior captain Josie Adamson says that the season has been characterized by the development of a young, unified team of developing talent.

“We have a lot of younger players. and we’re kind of just growing as a team,” Adamson said. “Our energy and chemistry is what gets us to win games.”

Although the team had to adjust to a younger team with the loss of seniors, Adamson says that she is hopeful for the future of the team.

Junior Shea Deskins serves the ball during a match against Ranier Beach. The Beavers ended their season with a 3-8 record. (Darby Moore)