Ballard beats down Cleveland, again

Laura Rude, Staff Reporter
Originally published April 22, 2016

The boys soccer game on April 8 was a blowout just like the last game against this team was earlier in the season 5-0 Ballard. Winning 6-0 over Cleveland with six more players than the small 11 player Cleveland team. 10 minutes into the first half junior Payton Lawson scored the first goal.

Second was junior Cale (last name), then Lawson again with the third goal, still in the first half of the game. With ten minutes left in the first half junior Max Berner-Hayes scored a goal, and at the last two minutes Lawson had the ending goal before halftime.

The turnout for this sunny Friday game consisted of many parents and a small student section. For almost the whole second half there were no more points scored by either team keeping the score 5-0 Ballard. But to finish off this win, Cale scored the last goal making the closing score 6-0. Ballard is still undefeated with only one tie.