School to distribute last year’s yearbook before Thanksgiving break

This August, editors of the Shingle finished the long awaited book. While it has been a difficult and interrupted process, there is a plan for the book to be distributed in the coming late fall.

Grant Luce, Staff Reporter
Originally published November 20, 2020

The long awaited yearbook is planned to be distributed around Thanksgiving break.

The long awaited yearbook is planned to be distributed around Thanksgiving break.

As most everyone knows, the COVID-19 outbreak that was first reported in Seattle in January caused schools to be shut down, complicating many aspects of student life. 

One of these complicated situations was the yearbook. After moving into an online workspace, the yearbook fell behind schedule, and as the school year ended less students became involved with the process.

Maddy Bowles is last year’s Proof Editor and this year’s Editor in Chief, and experienced firsthand how the pandemic affected the yearbook’s progress. She says the yearbook was around three-fourths of the way finished when schools were shut down.

With the yearbook not finished as summer break started, Bowles and past EIC Jessie Anderson took it upon themselves to finish the book before the start of school.

“We decided to cover a lot of the issues that have been going on, just like the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic,” Anderson said. “I’m pretty proud of those threads.” 

“We wanted to make a book we were proud of,” Bowles said. “We had this kind of pressure, especially as time went on, so we tried to finish it as quickly as it was possible.” 

The pressure was coming from an administration who wanted to send out books to seniors who were graduating and leaving in the fall to college.

Bowles says the book was finished around the first to second week of August and that there were very little problems with publishing and shipping the books. 

Bowles explains the plan now is to distribute yearbooks around Thanksgiving break. This comes with the goal of distributing to the class of 2020, who many of are in college and will be back in town for this Thanksgiving break.

Bowles and the members of the Shingle want students reading the yearbook to know how much time and effort was put into creating it.

“A lot of members of the Shingle spent most of quarantine making sure that this edition would be one to be proud of,” Bowles said.