Scar stories: Part 4

A vacation gone wrong

Jaya Flanary, Features Editor
Originally published January 25, 2015

Greta Rainbow

Greta Rainbow

Senior Hugh Hankins broke his arm during a family vacation to Hawaii when he slipped and fell on rocks. The next day, his family took him to the nearest hospital, which was islands away in Honolulu.

“The TSA guy was really rough with my arm,” Hankins said. “He kept moving it around and I was like ‘please stop!’”

The doctors decided it would be best if he returned to Seattle to treat it. “They were like, ‘Yeah it’s broken. We’re gonna put some bandages on that and get you out of here,’” Hankins said.

But his family didn’t return to Seattle immediately. Instead, they finished their vacation. “It was awful,” Hankins said. “You know how much I missed out on? My whole family, all my cousIMG_7502ins, they just left me.”

As the family swam in the hotel’s seven pools, a bandaged up Hankins sat at the poolside watching the fun. “It was really a bummer,” he said. “I hated it.”