Disputes over yearbook quotes prompt negotiations

Jaya Flanary, Editor-in-Chief
Originally published October 12, 2015

In the past, senior quotes have been included in the yearbook under each senior’s photo. This was going to change this year, as the yearbook originally made the decision to not collect and publish senior quotes.

An online petition was published by senior Harper Byers in order to get senior quotes back. The petition claimed the yearbook “should be about the student body, and without senior quotes and superlatives, we feel as though the yearbook is all about winning an award instead of about us.”

Superlatives, often referred to as Hall of Fame, were going to replace senior quotes in this year’s yearbook, but the petitioners were not aware of this at the time.

Yearbook Managing Editors met with Byers last week to create a compromise and are planning to release a letter informing seniors of the agreement.

Senior photos must be submitted by Oct. 14 to the yearbook adviser, Michael Smith, in order to be published in the yearbook. Photos must be digital copies, above the shoulders and featuring only the student.

In addition, families can purchase a grad ad for their child. They must submit photos and a personal message to Smith by Nov. 2. More information including prices can be found outside SW122.