Yearbooks available after Beaver Day

students can still purchase books as they remain

Maeve Gallagher, Staff Reporter
Originally published May 29, 2015

Students look through the 2014 yearbook during Beaver Day last May.

Students look through the 2014 yearbook during Beaver Day last May.

If students didn’t fill out the yearbook form as part of the opening day packet at the beginning of the year, chances are they probably have not yet ordered a yearbook.

There are only a few more days students are able to buy a yearbook if students have not yet purchased one. The next two options to purchase a yearbook are Monday, June 8, after Beaver Day and after distribution day (if there are any left). Prices are set at $55 with an ASB card or $90 without.

Also,  if a student’s name is highlighted on the list outside of the main office, that means that they currently have a fine. In order to purchase a new yearbook, students will have to pay a fine to Marianne Baker in the library or with the fiscal secretary, Karen Kazanjian, in the activity center.

The deadline to pay all fines is before Beaver Day (June 5) or June 3 at 1pm, if students want their yearbook during Senior Night.The fiscal office will be closed June 3 at 1:00 pm all day June 4 and June 5.

“Can I still purchase a yearbook?”

When: June 8 (after Beaver Day)

How: $55 with an ASB card or $90 without

Where: Activity Center

Why: Students need to clear fines in order to purchase a book