On the fence about the SBA?

Testing is just around the corner; here’s what you need to know

Jaya Flanary and Meagen Tajalle, Features Editor and Staff Reporter
Originally published March 27, 2015

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a fully online, week-long assessment testing students on the Common Core standards.

Juniors will be given both the English Language Arts test and the math test this year and have been told they are required by law to take it, but are able to opt out with a form signed by a parent.

Sophomores must pass the English Language Arts test to graduate. They may not opt out of the test with a form.

Passing the test is not a graduation requirement for juniors and will not appear on their transcripts. Refusal to take the test will count as a score of 0. This will contribute to the school’s average, but will not directly affect the student.

If a junior opts out of the test and fills out the form, they are expected to be present on the day of the test in the period it will be administered in. However, they will not receive instruction for the test, but will be supervised elsewhere.

The opt-out form doesn’t excuse a student’s absence, so if they are not present on the day of the test they will be marked absent for that class.

If a junior chooses to take the test, they will take the English Language Arts portion with their language arts teacher and the math test with their history teacher.

If juniors pass at a three or four level they won’t have to take a college placement exam or remedial classes for that subject.

Testing will begin April 6 and end May 22. Students can find out what week they’re testing by asking their language arts and history teachers. Testing during AP classes will be the later weeks, after AP tests, to allow classes time to prepare for the exams.