Eighth graders begin their high school tours

Eighth graders begin their high school tours

Micheal Cochran, Staff Reporter
Originally published February 5, 2015

Every year as second semester starts, there are a few students that show up that seem a little too small and innocent to be in a high school. It’s the time of year for eighth graders to begin thinking about their high school of choice

On Feb. 5, Ballard is hosting an evening school tour for eighth graders and new students. The tour will be conducted in the evening from 6-7:30 p.m. and will consist of a tour of the school and an insight into the different clubs and opportunities offered.

Each individual program and club offered at Ballard will have a booth set up that will explain who they are to the new students. It will give them the opportunity to consider taking the course or joining their club in the following school year.

On Feb. 12 and 18, there will be tours available for eighth graders and new students during morning hours, when school is in session. These tours will be led by members of ASB and will take place from 8-9:30 a.m.

After a brief welcome from Principal Keven Wynkoop, the morning tours will give the incoming students the chance to see the school during its hours of operation. They will be able to go into classes that are in session and see a different side of the school than at the night tour.

These tours are available to let incoming students weigh their high school options while giving the school a chance to boast its programs and spirit.

Students with younger siblings in the eighth grade may also get paperwork in the office so that their sibling can shadow them for a day to get a feel for the school throughout an entire day.