Weapon shuts down Interagency school

Seattle Public Schools faces yet another gun threat

Grace Harmon, Staff Reporter
Originally published February 11, 2015

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 20, students at the Columbia building branch of Interagency, an SPS network of small alternative schools, joined the ranks of cities across the country that have suffered from threats to students’ safety.

After a student with a gun was reported to be walking down the campus’ hallways, Seattle Police were notified and the school began a security lockdown, a procedure that has become all too familiar to students. This lasted for about 50 minutes.

“I am proud of how our Interagency students and staff responded to this incident,” Larry Nyland, the district’s superintendent, said in a press release. “Procedures were followed and the situation was solved quickly and safely.”

The student attempted to flee and was arrested outside of the building. There were no reports of injuries or gunfire.

“Everyone in our schools plays a role in the safety of our students, from teachers, administrators and staff, to volunteers and parents,” Nyland said. “We encourage everyone to remain vigilant.”