Senior Byron White is in police custody for recent Greenwood murder

Anna Ferkingstad, News Editor
Originally published March 1, 2014

Ballard High School senior Byron White is in police custody for suspected involvement in a recent Greenwood murder after trying to board a plane at Sea-Tac Airport Saturday morning.

White was identified by police Friday evening after a warrant allowed them to search a home on 4th Avenue NW, where White’s uncle lives. The house is just a few blocks away from the crime scene and believed to be where the suspects fled after the shooting.

On February 23, 54 year old David L. Peterson was found dead from a single gunshot wound after calling 911 to report he had been robbed. Peterson was on his daily walk.

Police announced the capture of White through the SPD blotter (a blog maintained by the staff of Seattle Police Department Public Affairs Office) on Saturday morning.

“There are no suspects outstanding in this case, which remains an active and on-going homicide investigation. There are no additional details available at this time,” wrote Detective Jeff Kappel on the blotter.

According to Kappel, police received information about White’s whereabouts and then asked Port of Seattle police to take him into custody.

17 year old White transferred to Ballard High School from Cleveland High School for the 2013-2014 school year.

Police say White will likely be tried as an adult due to the severity of the crime.