Will the Georgetown Morgue scare you to death?

Behind the frights of KUBE 93’s haunted house

Kylie Williams, Staff Reporter
Originally published November 21, 2017

The big “thing” in Seattle during Halloween season is the renowned KUBE 93 haunted house. Ranked in the top 10 for haunted houses across the nation, I didn’t know what to expect for my first time going.

Well, they get you settled in as soon as you get there, with the headbanging heavy rock music that plays while you wait in line. And while you wait outside in the dark and classic Seattle rain, actors will pop up out of nowhere and scare the absolute crap out of you, just to give you a sneak peak at the thrills to come.

First walking in, paranoid that someone will jump out at you, you experience not a person, but a wall that comes flying out. This is about 10 feet into the house, and it caused my friend to literally fall on the floor she was scared so bad. And this is just the beginning, there’s still 15 minutes left to go.

As we continued onto the first room, there were the same actors as outside screaming in our faces as before. The worst part is, running isn’t the best choice. If you run, they chase you. But, if you stand still, they just stand and stare since the actors can’t touch you.

Forcing every part of me not to run, I slowly walked on, into the part of the morgue where they seemed to be performing the autopsies, where I ended up with two nice ladies following me with tools that sounded like the ones they use to drill a filling at the dentist.

The house had moving floors that started once you started walking on them, some caged in hallways where actors could jump on top and make you scream like a five-year-old girl, and of course, the guy with the chainsaw who I saw more times than I would have liked.

The worst part was when an actor would just follow you from room to room, it was like being haunted.

Something that had me puzzled throughout the house was how the sign out front warned that you shouldn’t go in if you were a claustrophobic. Well, that question was answered when I entered a hallway where I had to crouch down to walk through. And again when a caged ceiling above me was so slanted I had to walk sideways. And again when going through the room that where I couldn’t see below my waist and there was some sort of bouncy house material squishing me from both sides.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the strobe lights, that at one point carried on for several minutes. It gave me a headache more than it made me scared. It made the nice couple in front of me quite scared: how they could see one second, but not the next. Instead, I was too sick to my stomach to be startled by the actors jumping out of hidden doors.

Besides that, I had the fright of my life and would most definitely sign up to do it all over again. Even once you think it’s over, there’s actors outside the exit still scaring the living daylights out of you. It’s a nice 4 out of 5 star haunted house, and if you’ve never been, I would definitely plan on going next year.