Recent works: Kenzie Lassen

Elliot Bailey, A&E Editor
Originally published June 2, 2015

“Untitled” Kenzie Lassen. Graphite pencil, marker and colored pen.

This skeleton with blemishes of color like unfinished calico began as a doodle in junior Kenzie Lassen’s notebook; this final draft came to life as an accident.

Lassen reworked the original drawing until she had the skeletal figure she wanted. Then, “I kind of forgot it [the drawing]was under something that I was coloring,” she said. Pink pen bled through and settled under the skeleton’s bottom row of teeth.

“Since I liked the skull so much I didn’t really want to like have just that one spot, and I decided to go all out,” Lassen said.

Lassen says that she focuses on figures and simple illustrations like this.

“I’m not very good at backgrounds, so I don’t really try,” Lassen said. “And I guess it’s just easier to focus on that one thing that I wanted to draw.”

Different subjects grab Lassen’s interest at different times. She fills her notebooks with them.

“I like to draw a lot of skeleton stuff. Recently, I just got out of an alien phase,” she said. “Usually I just doodle, like at home or in class, but, you know when I have a good idea I usually spend the time to do a proper version like this.”