Young locals get raucous at the Halloween live show

Seattle Teen Music’s Zombie Prom goes over with a bang, crash and some nice feedback

Elliot Bailey, A&E Editor
Originally published November 13, 2014

Ted Bunny, after only their third show, have established their ability to excite an audience. Among a good group of fast-tempo originals, they’ve made some interesting cover selections. Here, Ted Bunny drummer Mitchell Bowen takes the mic from lead singer Avery Davis for a hardcore rendition of Asheru’s “Judo Flip,” better known as the theme song to American anime “The Boondocks.”

Flannigan’s Revenge opened with some fun, growly songs, but over their set showed their diversity with some slower jams. Fans flooded the stage for Ted Bunny’s last song and with all the bumping and head banging of long haired teens, they kept it together and rocked out with the fans until the end.