The next month of concerts in Seattle

As 2021 comes to a close, live music is picking up as concert venues open after pandemic closures

Electronically published December 12, 2021 by Abbey Moore, Staff Reporter

Cartoon by Iris Gortney.

Lights illuminate performers as they step on stage for some of their first concerts since the pandemic, music echoing over recently reopened venues throughout the Seattle area.

An ever growing list of band names line concert venue websites; band after band lined up for every night from here through the beginning of next summer, from where the live music is assumed to continue.

Popular concert venues include Neumos, the Neptune and Paramount theatres, the Vera Project, the Showbox Sodo and Chop Suey, all of which reopened this past July.

For live music arriving in December, widely recognizable names hold a sense of promise for the month. Indie pop-rock band Beach Bunny is performing on Dec. 5 at the Showbox SoDo, kicking off a month of nonstop concerts.

Australian-born singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett will be taking on the Paramount Theatre on Dec. 14, the same night that the indie-pop band The Driver Era is predicted to sweep the Showbox.

San Diego natives TV Girl are also set to perform at the Showbox on Dec. 8, and New Year’s Eve hails a show from progressive pop-punk Seattle group, Polyrhythmics, closing 2021 with a bang.

Ticket sales have quickly gone with many musicians selling out overnight, including popular artists like Mitski and Lorde.

For less sought-after shows, average ticket prices are around $30, affordable to most high school students who are dying to experience concerts after the pandemic.

Safety is of the utmost importance at this time and regulations surrounding COVID-19 are a critical qualification for shows to happen. For those attending concerts, masks and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test are currently mandatory, however social distancing is not enforced.

Most shows will be held at the recently opened Neumos, found in the downtown area on East Pike Street, and the crown jewel that determines many up and coming bands in  Seattle’s music scene.

Old favorites such as the Neptune, Paramount and Showbox are reliable in bringing mind-blowing performances where the full schedule can be found on their websites., any smaller shows can be found through word of mouth or via social media accounts.

Live music seems to be a pinnacle of the city’s current pop culture focus, a signifier that normalcy is returning following the pandemic.

With tickets selling fast, proper the promise of COVID safety requirements, and venues reopening, the next month is going to be a rewarding one for Seattle’s music scene.