Trending Fashion Aesthetics

Everyone wants to have trendy style here are a few you could try out

Fia Franz-Knight, Staff Reporter
Originally published March 26, 2021

Cartoon by Kira Franz-Knight

There have been so many fashion trends this year, even though we haven’t been able to wear them anywhere-but you might as well look amazing on your Target run. Here are some of the most interesting styles people are wearing right now. 

Dark academia: Dark academia is a style that is heavily influenced by literature, mystery and Gothic European architecture. This trend encompasses everyones “solving a murder at a boarding school” dreams. To make the perfect dark academia outfit, find pieces that are brown, plaid and black then mix them together. These aspects all make up the dark academia trend. 

Y2k style: The term y2k may have changed meanings since 2000, but this style is as in your face as the early 2000’s were. The original meaning of y2k seems almost hilarious now; in the year 1999, people were convinced that with the coming of the year 2000, all of the computers would cease to work. This term then came to define simply the year 2000, then later its many fashion trends. This style is early 2000’s trends being given a new life in 2020. The staple y2k outfit includes low rise jeans, flared pants and of course the iconic Juicy Couture velour track suits. 

Skater style: Skater style is more of a functional aesthetic- the clothes are comfortable and durable. Skater style is highly connected to the ease and ability the clothes allow skating. These clothes tend to be baggy and oversized. The skater style is made up of darker earth tones. Staple brands of skater style include Vans, Converse, Dickies and many more.

Indie: The term “Indie” has truly defined almost opposite styles. Today’s Indie is bright and colorful with almost painfully bright colors, while in the past the phrase defined a more subdued aesthetic. The change of Indie was brought by the new style of Indie being created and popularized on the social media platform Tik Tok and this more mainstream use of the word Indie changed the idea of the aesthetic. Indie is now made up of baggy jeans, oversized or severally cropped tops and sneakers. 

There are so many fun and interesting style trends, so why not try them all?