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Do students know about the Rugby World Cup?

While the Rugby World Cup is a large, global event in many countries, it seems to go unnoticed in the Ballard community
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New Zealand and Namibia battle out a hard fought rugby match

The quadrennial event known as the Rugby World Cup stands as a premier showcase in the world of rugby, uniting elite teams from across the globe. Since its inception in 1987, it has evolved into an epic display of athleticism, skill and national pride, a stage where legends are born, and underdogs rise to the occasion.


“These Rugby players are huge and put tons of work in to look and play like beasts,” junior Ben Patterson said. “They commit a lot of time in the weightroom to get bigger every year.”


The journey to the Rugby World Cup is far from easy, and it’s one that requires years of strenuous preparation and unwavering commitment. It’s not just about physical prowess; it’s also about mental fortitude and teamwork. For many, this preparation begins long before the tournament is on the horizon.


“The hits, tackles and physicality of the game proves rugby isn’t for those who back out,” Patterson said. “They are awe-inspiring and show the success of pushing yourself and your limits in the weightroom.”


In a world that often emphasizes specialization and individual achievement, rugby stands as a testament to the power of collective effort. The success of a rugby team depends on every player’s ability to give their all, to support their teammates and to continue pushing themselves to reach their limits. The weight room becomes a place of transformation, where players build the strength and endurance required to excel on the field.


“What I find cool about the Rugby World Cup is the culture,” sophomore Dylan Nicholas said.  “The pre-match rituals, like the New Zealand All Blacks’ haka, show us the traditions and histories of these countries.” 


By showcasing these rituals, the Rugby World Cup invites us to appreciate and learn from cultures other than our own. It’s an educational experience that broadens our horizons and fosters an appreciation for the world’s diversity.


“The tournament’s unpredictability is what keeps me hooked,” junior Jack Pieterson said. “When underdog teams upset the giants, you can see their resilience and hardwork.”


These upsets are not just about a scoreboard; they are about the triumph of teamwork, the power of determination and the resilience of athletes who believe in their abilities. It’s a reminder that success is not solely determined by reputation or odds but by the effort and heart invested in the pursuit of a goal.


“You don’t need to understand every detail of rugby to enjoy watching this sport,” Pieterson said. “The sheer excitement of the matches and the passionate crowds are unmatched.”


The Rugby World Cup has undoubtedly etched a lasting impression in many hearts and minds. This quadrennial spectacle is more than a tournament; it’s a cultural exploration, and a celebration of the resilience and passion that sports can ignite. It’s a powerful reminder that sports can unite people, transcending borders and remind us that we’re all part of something greater: a world bound together by shared fervor and excitement.

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