Annual Golden Beaver awards

Three seniors reflect and offer advice from their experience in winning this year’s scholarships


Kate Macneale

Golden Beavers and BHS Foundation scholarship recipients pose with Principal Abby Hunt after the annual Scholarships Awards Luncheon.

Matea Hart, Staff Reporter

Golden Beaver scholarships are awarded each year to a select number of students for their achievements in grades, work experience, community activities, honors and other awards. According to their website, the scholarship recipients from 1988 to 2019 received 326 Golden Beavers Scholarships for a total of $695,973.

This year 21 seniors received scholarships between $5,000 and $500. Of those students, senior Lina McRoberts, senior Lulu Montenegro and senior Bella Neireiter were asked to reflect on their process in applying for the Golden Beaver Awards, and how this money will help them in their future endeavors. 

Montenegro, planning to major in architecture at University of Washington in the fall, recalled the process in applying for the scholarship. 

“They asked you two questions, one of them asking what your plans are for college, and the other asking why you need the money,” Montenegro said. “I talked about the major I’m interested in, which is architecture, how I can apply what I’ve learned so far in classes to that and that the scholarship money would help me achieve it.”

McRoberts, attending Pomona College in the fall, reflected on her participation in clubs at Ballard, which she believes played a role in helping her win the scholarship. 

“I was a president of Feminist Club my junior and senior year, and president and founder of the Adoptee and Foster club and the co-captain of the Model UN team,” McRoberts said. “I also worked with the superintendent on policies for SPS and [the interviewers] liked that because it connects to my interest in political science.”

Neireiter, attending Dartmouth College in the fall with a major in political science, advised all future seniors at Ballard to apply for the scholarship.

“Everyone should apply for the Golden Beaver scholarship, even if you don’t think you’re going to get it,” Neireiter said. “There is a great alumni scholarship here at Ballard and chances are you’ll probably win some money if you’re willing to put in the work for it. College is really expensive so anything helps.”

The Golden Beaver scholarships offer great opportunities for students hoping to save their parents a little money on University and other plans beyond high school.