New movie highlights one of the most famous business deals in sports history

Jill Sousley , Staff Reporter

Michael Jordan is one of the most decorated basketball players of all time, possessing six NBA championships and five MVP awards. Ben Affleck, an American actor and filmmaker, introduced the idea of a film highlighting Jordan’s story and how the shoe became so relevant. Affleck wants to recreate Nike’s mission to land Jordan and reveal the history between Nike and Jordan.

“Air” won’t include Michael Jordan himself, but rather the people who encouraged his partnership with Nike. The Air Jordan shoe was created and it took over the shoe market. Air Jordans are some of the most popular shoes ever created and Nike profits around $5 billion annually from sales.

Many major actors and actresses will be seen in this film including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who is not only directing the film but also starring in it. Damon and Affleck have reportedly been friends for years, but this is the first film of Affleck’s that Damon will be starring in. Their roles are vital to the film as they will be playing as Sonny Vaccaro (American executive) and Phil Knight (Nike Co-Founder) in the film.

The release date is set for April 5, 2023 and it is expected to be extremely popular. It will air exclusively in theaters once it premiers, and Amazon Prime Video will most likely be where it ends up after.