Fall Sports in Review

Originally published November 27th, 2019

Senior Raven Derouse

Senior Raven Derouse


After the long season, varsity volleyball made it to playoffs.

The team won a major game against Eastside Catholic on Sept. 17 (3-2), as they were going to play them in playoffs soon after, so this was an exciting game for them.

Throughout the season, the team embraced their strong team chemistry to bring success on the court, both in wins and success with playing their hardest as a group.

Senior Riley Sellers has been playing volleyball for the school all four years and has been on varsity for the past two. She is one of three captains on the team.

“We are super close with each other and have no drama which helps translate to how we work on the court,” Sellers said. “We also have team dinners which make us tighter, rather than just six individuals.”

Cross Country

Senior Ruby Siehl

Senior Ruby Siehl

Boys and girls cross country both made state for the sixth consecutive year in a row, which right now is the longest streak in all of 3A. Boys placed ninth in metros, fourth in districts and ninth in state while girls placed third in metros, third in districts and thirteenth in state.

Senior captain Caleb Watson has been on the team for all four years and when the boys only placed ninth in metros, he wanted to ensure that team made it to state.

“None of us have known a team where we haven’t gone to state so we realized we had to step up,” Watson said, “It was all on the line for the legacy of the program to keep that streak going and we knew we could step up because we trained all season for it.”

The team had at least 160 students running this season because cross country is the no-cut sport for the fall.

“You get to interact with people from all different grades who you wouldn’t normally interact with,” Watson said. “We’re all running, we’re all doing the same thing no matter where your skill level is.”

Girls Swim

Junior Sydney Smith

Junior Sydney Smith

The girls swim team ended their season with 4-3 record. The team swam in metros and districts and one diver, freshman Clementine Curtis, went to state.

Senior Olivia D’Arche was excited to experience a new season with new coach, Stephanie Cummings.

“We got a new coach this year,” D’Arche said. “So it was lots of new ideas and coaching styles that we haven’t had before.”

D’Arche is a captain alongside seniors Jasper Swift and Emma Oboy.

“Our goal as captains is to be more involved and making it a welcoming environment,” D’Arche said. “By having fun, we succeed better.”

This season, the program focused heavily on building relationships within the team to improve their performance.

“It’s really a community, no matter what you do there will be someone else in swim who’s doing it too and understand what you’re going through,” D’Arche said.

Girls Soccer

Senior Sarah Payne

Senior Sarah Payne

The girls soccer team had quite a successful season with a record of 7-2-1.

Junior Macy Finn, who has been a part of the program for three years now, said that the team managers, juniors Henry Holt and Nathan Dracolby, helped them focus and play better as a team.

As for other adjustments and changes this year, the team has a new coach, Sam Macca. Macca introduced a new slogan, “CHIEF,” which stands for confidence, honor, integrity, effort and fight.

“The slogan got us hyped up before games,” Finn said.

With new managers and coaches, the team has been able to play better.

“He [Macca] gave starting positions to people based on their skill and not their age,” Finn said. “Our new coach has lots of fun slogans like #nolimits and #nomercy.”


Senior Jarman Hauser

Senior Jarman Hauser

While the football team went undefeated in the regular season, they ended on a 28-25 loss to Marysville-Pilchuck in the first round of the playoffs with a 9-1 record.

The team may not have won but they didn’t let it affect their bond, according to Head Coach Ross Humphries.

“Everyone was disappointed at the loss because we had the opportunity to win but there wasn’t any finger pointing. It was kind of the opposite with people taking ownership,” Humphries said.

Despite ending on a loss, the season was overall successful. At the mid-season grade check, the program had an average GPA of 3.22. This is the fourth year in a row that they had a 3.0 or higher.

Junior cornerback, Davyn Waters, who’s been part of the program since freshman year, has been able to notice the team grow.

“This season there was more of a bond,” Waters said. “Everyone on the team was just a lot closer.”


Junior Charlie Wilton

Junior Charlie Wilton

Golf ended their regular season with a winning record of 8-2 which was the best record in their division. Six students played in metros and five finished in districts.

Although the team had a rough end of the season, according to junior Henry Mills, the team had a very successful regular season for multiple reasons.

“The regular season was a lot of fun, we had a really good record and we built a stronger community,” Mills said.

The change of attitude compared to last year and this year led the team to their successful season.

“This season, everyone put in more effort and believed they had a chance,” Mills said. “Everyone started taking it more seriously.”