Senior captures pole vault state championship

Cohen leaves high school on the high end

Ermias Hagos, Sports Editor
Originally published June 22, 2018

(photo courtesy of Ballard Track and Field team)Senior Chad Cohen attempts to go over the bar at state. Cohen goes on to win the 3A state championship.

(photo courtesy of Ballard Track and Field team)

Senior Chad Cohen attempts to go over the bar at state. Cohen goes on to win the 3A state championship.

This past season, we witnessed Senior Chad Cohen break record, after record, after record. He shattered the school records and did so in an amazing fashion. Capping off his high school career as current pole vault record holder and a state championship, Cohen will always be remembered.

It’s not often that we witness an athlete dominate so much as Cohen had in one season. After owning the school record back in May, Cohen’s teammates and coaches were quite proud of him and he appreciated that.

“I have my teammates and coach to thank for helping me to get to where I am, because it would have been impossible to do otherwise,” Cohen said.

Although he received lots of praise and honor for his accomplishment, Cohen wasn’t quite satisfied yet. He sought to keep breaking the record. But breaking the record again was going to take a lot and Cohen understood this.

He went on to break some more, and that set him up for Metros. Once there, Cohen proved to everyone that he was determined to win the show as he placed first after clearing 14 feet. At Districts it was no different as he once again out performed his opponents. He cleared 14 feet and six inches once again capturing first place. He was now ready for state. Cohen went one to put on an incredible display of skill as he won the 3A state championship finally clearing 15 feet. He had cemented his high school legacy.

As Cohen is now out of high school, his focus will be elsewhere. Perhaps he would like to continue his pole vaulting success in college and beyond. Whether or not he pursues pole vault beyond high school, the performances he put on will always be in the history books and so will his name.

“It’s kind of a dream come true for me, cause it’s something that I’ve been working towards for most of my high school career. It’s still pretty hard to believe that I won state, because it’s something I never thought I would accomplish.”