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Q & A with sophomore state wrestler

Jeremy Miyake qualified for the wrestling state tournament for the second year in a row.

Kate Inge, Cub Reporter
Originally published March 17, 2017

courtesy of Bruce MiyakeSophomore Jeremy Miyake qualified for the state wrestling tournament for the second year in a row.

courtesy of Bruce Miyake

Sophomore Jeremy Miyake qualified for the state wrestling tournament for the second year in a row.

How was going to state different then last year?

“Well it was different because last year it was all kinda new, like it was my first year wrestling so I still didn’t really know entirely what I was doing. And then going to state the whole atmosphere of it was just extremely competitive and kinda scary because you knew that everyone that was there had worked to get there. Our region recently had two schools added that were pretty good, like state ranked schools and it made it a lot tougher for some people to get through this year. Last year was a lot easier because they weren’t there.”


How did you do compared to your freshman year?

Last year state I got pinned in like the 2nd round of each of my matches and this year I lost two and won one.”


Did you prepare any differently then state then last year?

“Well last year I was still like kinda shocked and taking in the whole thing instead of really preparing, but this year I tried to mentally prepare myself. Like building on my own confidence by kind of going over how I did throughout the year and knowing that I’ve competed with state ranked people before.”

What are your goals/plans for wrestling junior year?

“I want to be Metro champ, have an undefeated Metro season again and place at state and win two tournaments.”


What made you come back to wrestling this winter after last year?

“Well I thought I had some success and I could see myself improving and I really enjoy it so I just kinda wanna take it as far as I can.”


What made this getting to state hard(er) this year?

“Well for what I said previously the two new schools added and there was a new guy who transferred to Blanchet [High School] at my weight and he ended up taking third at state so he was really tough. Mentally I thought that there were more expectations of me this year and I didn’t want to let anyone down. Last year I had nothing to lose because I was totally new to it, but this year there were expectations of me from my coaches and from myself.”


Did more people join wrestling after seeing last year’s success?

“I mean we had like 20 people at the start of the season but it dropped to 10.”


Were you a better wrestler than last year?

“Definitely. I kinda used strength only last year but I tried to use my technique more, even though I still use strength a lot.”


Off season training includes…

“Last year I did a little bit but I wasn’t taking it seriously. This year at state it was a big disappointment to lose my last match because if I had won that I would have placed, but I didn’t so that kinda really got me hungry to improve. In the summer we set up mats in the gym and do some lighter practices, like not as much conditioning. I’m also doing club wrestling and I’m going to do camp over the summer. During different seasons there are different styles of wrestling, there’s like folk style/calegit etc..”


How do you deal with trying to maintain weight (all wrestlers must maintain their weight in order to compete in that particular weight class)?

“At the start of the season I was really good about weight I was eating healthy, well I fractured my finger and I was like ‘eh I can like ease off of this a bit’ and then I never stopped easing off of it, so I started eating unhealthy throughout the season. My weight fluctuated throughout seven pounds throughout the season. I was out sick for a couple days and I didn’t check weight on those two days and I was not conditioning,  so I wasn’t really sure where my weight was at so I continued to eat at home. When I came back, the day of  the meet, I was three pounds over what I had needed to be, and I checked that in the morning.

I had weightlifting second period so I put on two pairs of sweatpants, two pairs of socks, two shirts, a sweatshirt and I think then another one or two sweatshirts and went on the elliptical and ran. I think that cut off around one and a half pounds and then I ran at lunch, which cut off another half pound or something. Then after school I was running and on the elliptical and I think that cut most of it. Also in the car ride there I guess I lost some weight through sweating in the car and I ended up weighing 116 at the start of the day and 112 at the end so I ended up cutting of 3.6 pounds.”

What are your hopes for next years season?

‘Well for the team I want every single person to win a match because when they put the work in and everything they deserve it. And also another team goal is to have like 15 people on the team by the end of the year.”


People drop out every year, why?

“It’s a really huge commitment and you have to be like really into the sport if you’re going to do it and I guess a lot of people didn’t see that at first and they thought they could kinda go half but you really have to commit yourself. Also our training is really tough. That’s one of the main reasons because a lot of them weren’t expecting that.”


Why do you stay?

“Well I knew that I did it last year and I kinda like the training because it kinda gets you in the best shape of your life and I kinda like pushing my limits in that aspect.”


Can you tell when someone hasn’t been to state before?

“You can tell by their confidence and the way they carry themselves.”


Final words?

“Join wrestling!”

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Q & A with sophomore state wrestler