Senior quarterback out for season

Ballard falls to Garfield 11-6 on homecoming night

Sam Heikell, Sports Editor
Originally published December 2, 2016

Graciela GomezSenior quarterback Corbin Gabrel ruled out for the season after suffering a broken collarbone in the second quarter of the homecoming game.

Graciela Gomez

Senior quarterback Corbin Gabrel ruled out for the season after suffering a broken collarbone in the second quarter of the homecoming game.

On a team with minimal veteran experience, Ballard has to value its senior leadership. And in last Friday’s Homecoming game defeat, they lost their biggest leader. Their quarterback, Corbin Gabrel, suffered a broken collarbone early in the second quarter and is now out for the remainder of the season.

Gabrel was scrambling for a first down, when a defender tackled him out of bounds, landing awkwardly on top of him. “At first I thought that it was just a stinger and I could shake it off,” Gabrel said. “But when I had to lift my arm up, I could feel my bone cracking and a big bump on my right shoulder.”

After getting checked out on the sideline, he made his way to the hospital during halftime. But the team still had an important homecoming game to win, facing last year’s’ head coach, Joey Thomas, who moved to Garfield.

Following a touchdown and a successful two point conversion from Garfield, Ballard’s backup quarterback Ian Crocker ran one in for a touchdown, but they failed to convert the two point conversion.

Garfield then made a field goal and Ballard’s offense was too out of sink to recover, as they failed to get into the endzone at the end of the game.

For Gabrel, this season has meant a lot. For the last two seasons, he has had to wait his turn, being the backup for a couple quarterbacks who were good enough to play at the next level. “This season was basically proving to myself that I could be the guy,” Gabrel said. He’s been quarterbacking since the third grade through the Ballard Junior Football program and has wanted to ultimately be the quarterback for the high school ever since. “I like being the leader of the team and having people depend on me, it’s a good challenge.”

This year, Gabrel has embraced the leadership role throughout the program and has been helping out with the younger quarterbacks. “It was the coaching staff’s first year so I wanted to be a good example for the rest of the program and leave a positive imprint,” Gabrel said. He still plans on going to a lot of practices and finish out his role as the leader of the team by mentoring and working with the players.

“Losing Corbin was obviously a huge hit,” head coach Ross Humphries said. “It’s tough because he lead the team through spring and summer. But now we have to rely on our seniors that we have to step up and fill his shoes.”