Bolz spikes attention for volleyball

Sam Heikell, sports reporter
Originally published October 23, 2014

Ruby StaufferSenior Sophie Bolz serves the ball during a 3-0 win over Franklin. (Ruby Stauffer)

Ruby Stauffer

Senior Sophie Bolz serves the ball during a 3-0 win over Franklin. (Ruby Stauffer)

For senior volleyball star Sophie Bolz, the game isn’t just her passion, it’s her escape. Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she started playing volleyball in sixth grade.“All of my friends were playing it and basketball and soccer weren’t really working out so volleyball was the sport for me,” Bolz said.

She was a natural volleyball player, but in efforts to better herself academically, Bolz chose to move to Seattle to live with her aunt and uncle before her junior year. “Moving to Seattle has benefited me in so many ways, especially with academics. My grades have changed and I have pretty much all A’s this year.”

When Ballard’s volleyball season is over, Bolz plays on her select team that competes at a high level. “Last summer, we had tournaments in Oregon, California, Las Vegas, and Minnesota. My coaches are so good and they have really made me a better player,” Bolz said.

Even when there is no practice in the offseason, Bolz is still working on her game. On her own, she practices two times a week on her skill, and three times a week on conditioning and strength training in the offseason. “It’s all about how much you want to put into it,” Bolz said.

During Bolz’s junior season, she established herself as a good varsity player. “[For my] junior year on the Ballard team, they used me as more of a utility player, but this year I am playing more outside and I can specialize on one position instead of just fill in.” It has certainly worked well this year as Bolz is one of the leading point scorers on the team.

Like many other players on the team, Bolz loves going to practice every day and bettering the team. “We have great energy this year and I am super confident in my girls. We are willing to work hard and everyone is always positive,” Bolz said. “This year I can really see us getting better each and every day, and that’s great to see.”

Bolz has not only made an impact on the court, but also with the players surrounding her. “Being a freshman on varsity, I look up to Sophie. She helps me a lot and is very encouraging.” freshman Ruby Fera said.

This year has started off well for the Beavers as they have a solid 8-2 record. “Our goal this year is too keep getting better and better and make the state playoffs.” Bolz said.

Bolz can finally now stay focused on the game that she loves. “I have found that I can channel my energy from whatever is going on with my life, and let it loose in the game. Everyone has their passion and volleyball is a great get away for me, it provides me with a strong base.”